NHS 'Tripadvisor-style' feedback website launched.

Thu 28th November 2013

The NHS is to establish a patient feedback website, styled after the popular travel site TripAdvisor, to allow patients to post complaints online and show hospital's responses to them in real time. 

The scheme will be rolled out nationally later this year, after a successful three-month trial involving 20 hospital trusts. The public can access Care Connect online, by text, phone, Twitter and Facebook. 

Paul Clark, CEO of Charter UK, said that by embracing openness the NHS would improve but warned that as well as highlighting issues, trusts needed to be equipped with the tools to correct mistakes. 

"The creation of a dedicated feedback resource is a positive move and will shine a brighter light on the difficulties the NHS faces and the consequences of those challenges," he said. 

"However, the focus needs to be on taking action to mend the NHS, along with its reputation, and this can't be done by simply listening to complaints. Patients do not submit complaints just to be heard – they do so because they want their complaint to be acted upon. 

He added: "The demonstrated intention of capturing more feedback is a step in the right direction, but ultimately the move is hollow if it doesn't equip NHS organisations with the funding, infrastructure and tools to be able to take that patient insight and translate it into remedies for the NHS' failings. 

"Without this it would serve only as a mechanism to highlight what the NHS is getting wrong and only serve to further erode patient trust and missed expectations."