Covert Operations

Turning Information into Intelligence

Equiniti Charter enables law enforcement agencies to improve the service they provide to the public with fewer resources through collaborative working, secure information sharing, and business process efficiency gains.

As the UK’s leading provider of Complete Covert Management Solutions, we work with over half of UK forces and the majority of ROCUs to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their covert investigations and information sharing capabilities.

Equiniti Charter was the first organisation to create dedicated RIPA compliant software that was precisely tailored to police requirements, helping forces to carry out communications data acquisition, surveillance operations, CHIS management, and TSU deployments, and 15 years later we are now releasing our fifth generation of the software.

Already proven to be a stable, reliable, and highly secure platform, the newest release is also designed to minimise training needs for users and enables forces to be fully independent in adapting to legislative changes and working practices.

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